new year, new things…and maybe a few old ones

i stumbled upon this puppy while puttering around my old blog posts – and even though i’m reluctant to have new year’s resolutions, i want this space to be somewhere to keep myself accountable. here’s to trying new things in 2017!

cook at home: i really enjoy cooking and some would say that i’m actually pretty good at it. it’s crazy how frequently i go out to eat – and it’s usually somewhere that’s not even that enjoyable. i’d like to spend more time in my own kitchen exploring different recipes and preparing (and consuming) meals that are good for me.

become an expert at something: anything really. i want to master a craft or become so good at something that other people look to me for advice about it.

travel: with nowhere particular in mind. i just want to travel more this year and discover new sights, fall in love with new locations, and meet new people.

learn to be more patient: this is something i’ve been working on for a little while now. i thought that once i became a mother, nature would take over and somehow, magically, i would wake up one day more patient. i’m not very good at living in the moment – i’m often too busy worrying about tomorrow (or the day after that) that i forget to appreciate what’s in front of me. i want to be more patient with myself and understand that it’s okay (and not necessary) to always be perfect. i want to enjoy the little things while they’re happening – even something simple like reading a book and not rushing ahead to find out the ending or sticking with a workout regimen and not obsessing about seeing immediate results – the results will come – it’s the process to get there that feels so incredible.

be better with my finances: this is a no brainer. just do it lori.

trust myself: stop worrying so much about what other people think, or say, or feel about what i’m doing.

drink more water: it’s embarrassing, but there are times when i can go an entire day and not even take a single sip of water. it’s goes without saying that i need to stop drinking soda altogether and replace that with lots and lots and lots of water. someone has told me that he thinks drinking water is sexy (wink-wink) – and hell…i can afford to get sexier in the new year!

year two


You can’t tell by the look on his face, but no one is more shocked that Ben Coyle is married than me. 2 years down, a lifetime to go

when i get to thinking

as the granddaughter to two of the sweetest southerners who lived through segregation and only gained the right to vote a little over 50 years ago – but have lived to not only vote for the first black President – but have witnessed him hold the office for the last 8 years. the daughter of a man who served his country in Vietnam, then went on to serve the people as a police officer before meeting his wife. the daughter of an immigrant who came to the United States without her two small children, with no real knowledge of how she might get them here to be with her, but with high hopes of finding a better life for all of them. the wife of a Caucasian man who’s marriage to one another only became legal 49 years ago. and now the mother to the most beautifully blended baby girl – who has the opportunity to grow up with the first female President. it’s all got me thinking…THIS is what makes America, AMERICA. This is what makes America GREAT. one more day to choose the kind of country you want to live in.

bespoke concierge

when i’m not mommy-ing and at home being a wifey  – i’m usually working. work consists of recommending places to see, eat, and drink throughout los angeles.

four times a year i contribute to a small concierge magazine featuring my colleagues from other hotels around la. it’s dorky, but kind of cool and i thought i would share with y’all.

if you’d like to check out the rest of the issue you can find that here.


weekend packing list


we packed up the gang and took the long drive to carson city this weekend. ben’s cousin’s middle daughter is getting married so we’re in town to celebrate! i started planning my wardrobe weeks ago (am i the only one that loves packing!?) and now i get to plan olivia’s outfits as well.

last year i became intrigued with creating a minimalist wardrobe – and although it’s still a total work in progress, i at least want to practice it when packing my weekend duffel bag. i’ve pretty much paired down my wardrobe to an all neutral palate. lots of blacks, browns, whites and blues in my closest. and though i’ve figured out my color palate, i still have a lot of work to go when it comes to compulsive shopping – because i end up bringing home ill-fitting clothes or pieces that don’t fit my lifestyle. still working on that. definitely in need of another purge. and, don’t even get me started on shopping for baby clothes! that’s a whole other blog post.

we’re in carson city for just a little over 4 days and while i’ve managed to keep the clothes to a minimum, i still overpacked with toiletries and makeup and curling irons and the such. i even had to talk myself out of packing 5 different pairs of shoes.

does anyone have any suggestions on creating a travel toiletry capsule? also, pairing down baby clothes for a weekend getaway? we’re going to san diego next weekend, then hawaii for 10 days in september, and the less i travel with, the better!

shop my duffle: hat and black shorts; madewell / baby romper and flower sunglasses; baby gap / swimsuit; sees swim / tubbytodd all over ointment




my little wild one


in may, our sweet olivia turned one year old. just saying it out loud makes me choke up because it feels like just yesterday i was sitting up in bed, holding her in my arms the first night we brought her home from the hospital. i’m a little late sharing her first birthday on the blog…but the pictures are just to just keep them sitting in the camera.

her birthday fell on friday the thirteenth (which i now consider the luckiest day) so we had a party and invited friends and family to celebrate with an afternoon in the park that weekend. i’ve never really been one to have a party with a theme, but after months of browsing pinterest, i decided on a “where the wild things are” party and i think it turned out great!


olivia with her grandma and i somehow convinced both of them to keep their crowns on the whole day!


my sisters and our sweet grandma. nothing makes me happier than having my grandma around to watch olivia grow. olivia and i are so lucky to be surrounded by so many incredible women.


poor little birthday girl was so cranky and the only thing to keep her happy was to let her run off and explore. 

IMG_4171IMG_4144IMG_4149 - Version 2

i hope you had the best first birthday sweet girl. you’re so full of happiness, courage, and wonder. there’s nothing in this world that i love more than watching you grow. mommy and daddy love, love, love you!

palm springs


this past weekend we took a mini family vacation to palm springs. i had been looking forward to the weekend away for nearly a month beforehand, and as the dates approached i saw that the weather would be unfavorable. the forecast said rain for two of the three days we would be there, and i contemplated cancelling the trip – but i decided to play by ear and keep a close eye on the weather in case anything changed.

we arrived in the late afternoon on sunday and even though it was chilly, it was clear and beautiful out. we stopped at a local grocery store for drinks, snacks and dinner for the night, then stayed in our room watching cnn and snuggling. the bed was heavenly and we felt so spoiled to have three of us to a california king as opposed to our usual queen sized bed. olivia seemed to love it most because she was sprawled out between ben and i and took up most of the bed. i didn’t mind though. she’s too cute to make her scooch  over.

it drizzled a little on monday so we used that as an opportunity to run errands as we would at home. we stopped at the bank, finally bought ben a new phone at the apple store, window shopped, had a late lunched, and spent the rest of the afternoon in our hotel room. we ordered room service and rented a movie, and at some point early in the night i drifted off to sleep.

finally, on our last day, there was sun! and lots of it. we were out of bed and lying by the pool by 9am and olivia seemed to love every minute of it. here’s a few pictures from our trip

sweet girl posing with her sunscreen before getting in the pool





we had a great weekend and i’m so happy we were able to spend so much quality time together. i commented to ben while we were there how unfortunate (but nice at the same time) it is that sometimes you have to book a few nights away in a hotel room so you have no other option but to spend time with one another.

my love tank is full thanks to my handsome hubby and our gorgeous baby girl. i can’t wait for another excuse to lock myself into a room with these two in the near future.


on olivia

hat: baby gap; swimsuit: gymboree